Marla Stonemantle

Priestess of Pelor, prelate of The eye of the light. Dwarven Female


Prelate Marla Stonemantle

Priestess of Pelor
Dwarven Female

Initially sent the party on the trip to investigate cult activity around Winterhaven.  

Responsible for a regional investigative force within the church of Pelor.  This group, The Eye of Light, roots out forces of evil and chaos .  Marla has been researching several events in the area with the theory that they are connected.  She has directed her agents to gather information throughout the area.  She didn’t expect the Winterhaven lead to pay off, and is frightened at the audacity of Kalathel’s plan.  

Splug is one of her investigators.  She tasked him with infiltrating a Drakkhanni mercenary group that had become active in the area.  The mercenary leader was no stranger to contracts with evil patrons.  "Band of the severed hand"


Marla Stonemantle

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