Shadow of Madness

Winterhaven is safe?

The Tower

The party met an interesting little imp in the tower at the center of winterhaven. They were told they could rest there since the previous owner wouldn’t be needing it any longer. Elian, that previous owner was another agent of Kalathel’s within the city. The party had encountered him in the keep to the north, and put an end to him. The imp told them a bit about the tower, and made a deal with them. He would grant them access to more of the tower and the secrets contained within, if the party would help him track down some rare alchemical components. The first of these happened to be the concentrated elemental core from a green dragon’s gizzard. He seemed rather certain the party would have little trouble finding such a creature. They were granted access to the second floor where the sleeping quarters were before the imp disappeared in a purple cloud.

The Kobolds and Ironteeth

The Kobolds were finally hunted down and confronted in their lair. Weeks, after the initial raids on the farms surrounding Winterhaven, the people can get to work rebuilding. Having dealt with Kalathel’s insane plane to open the portal, and killing or running off his agents remaining in town, the party decided to move on the Kobolds. They were found were expected, hiding in a cliche; a cave hidden by a waterfall. They did not go without a fight, nearly 30 Kobolds and their Dolgrim leader Ironteeth were left in the den. They put up a fight both outside and within the cave. The fight was taxing on the party, but they prevailed, using nearly all of the tools and energy available to them. Desperately needing a rest the party found themselves facing yet another extension to the fight. Needing a place to rest, Ashdown plopped himself down on the only seat in the den… a very conspicuous throne. Unfortunately he forgot the first rule about Kobolds, they trap everything. He was spiked in the back by a vicious blade trap hidden in the chair back. This was followed by a clanking of chain and a rising portcullis from a dark hallway leading off the main chamber. A hungry, Draconic ROAR thunders up the hall


dhupp dhupp

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