Shadow of Madness

Ding Dong, The Dragon's Dead

The Dragon

After hearing the fearsome roar from the dark hallway, the party scrambled to catch their breath and get into position. They had only seconds to regroup before the owner of the bellow revealed itself to be a green dragon the size of a large horse. It started towards the throne before pausing in confusion and casting it’s gaze around the room. As it turned it’s head the party could see that it’s left eye was blind and it’s head deformed by a vicious wound suffered in it’s past. The dragon screamed in despair at the sight of so many dead kobolds. “Asatahil re loex! Sia thurirli shio loex! LOREAT!” it bellowed, and charged Ryu. The fight joined, the party used terrain, and what skills remained to them to keep the dragon from using it’s mobility against them. Its fearsome breath weapon proved ineffective, the party proving too strong for its lethal effect. Twice it breathed on the majority of the party, and twice it watched it fail to have an effect. The dragon found herself, bloodied, combat ineffective, surrounded… and it knew fear. Fear it hadn’t experienced since she was a wyrmling and her brother’s unprovoked attack. She had managed to flee that encounter, but had it not been for the Kobold in this den, she’d have surely died. Prudence won out and she suppressed her desire for vengeance and turned and fled. Despite the buffeting of her wings, and thrashing of her tail he short flight back to her bolt hole was punished by viscous blows to both her flanks. She had waited too long to flee, she was too hurt to make her escape. The vicious murderers of her beloved kobolds caught her, and she joined her tiny brood-lings in their long sleep.

Giddy with their victory over the legion of kobolds, and their dragon steward, the party did what any good adventuring party would do… they cast about for loot. Finding little in the Kobold den, their eyes fell upon the corpse of the dragon itself. It was now little more than a container for the alchemical item the imp had requested of them. But, what else of value could it hold? they wondered. What ensued was a terrifying series of acts of foul butchery as party members laid claim to different parts of the dragon’s corpse. Like jackels they descended upon it with their blades. Yah Sa Sin went in and extracted the elemental core for the imp before performing macabre dentistry and extracting a number of the beast’s fangs. Ashdown hacked off it’s talons, and the webbing of it’s wings. Marc, sawed off what remained of its head to be displayed as a trophy in their new home in Winterhaven.

Once this work was complete, the party explored the rest of the cave. They found a wealth of coin, and what appeared to be the result of a very successful kobold raid on an armor merchant. A few other magical items and valuable art objects rounded out the hoard.

Return to Winterhaven

Their gruesome trophies in tow, the party returned to Winterhaven. They presented the imp with his prize and were rewarded with access to the third level of the tower. This level housed a lab, with ritual books and reagents to power them. Having completed this task the party rested. The next day they split up and took time to wander around town. Ashdown got to work making potions from the newly acquired ritual book. Ryu met with Rond Kelfam about the state of the town, learning that the people we awakening from the nightmare of their last weeks. Mark spent time with his fans, The Marcsmen, figuring that he had better teach them to use the bow before they got themselves killed. The rest of the party just chatted with the locals and rested from the ordeals of the past weeks.

As the day wore on news of riders coming up the road from Falcrest spread through the town. The party went to greet these new arrivals. The group was a procession led by Marla Stonemantle with the familiar figure of Splug in tow. Splug had slipped his bonds and returned to his boss, Marla, with details of the mercenaries, Kalathel and the party’s entrance into the keep. Marla feared the party wouldn’t succeed in stopping Kalathel and quickly assembled what she could to attempt to secure the portal within the keep herself if needed. To her amazement, the party was successful in dealing with Kalathel, stopping the agents in town, and putting an end to the kobolds. The dragon was an almost arrogant addition to the list of their heroic deeds. She presented the party with two sets of magical armor and a small fortune in gold as their reward.


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